Supply Chain test

Safic-Alcan, as one of the leading distribution companies of Polymers and Specialty Chemicals for the various formulating industries, has among its main objectives to deliver best-in-class logistic services to its customers and principals.

Our target is to bring ultimate simplification of the logistic for our principals, being totally or partially their route to market.

On our customer side, our goal is to deliver ours products, in accordance with our high safety standard, environmentally committed, on time and in the desired delivery form, to reach the very highest standard of customer service.

Flexible warehousing

Safic-Alcan Nordic has a comprehensive supply chain network, which gives us the flexibility to support even the highest challenging demands with the highest services levels.

We outsource our logistics to reliable third party partners with whom we have long-standing business relationship. Those third party partners have expert knowledge in storing, handling and delivering polymers and chemicals, including specific requirements from given industries and appropriate certifications or authorizations.

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Warehouse partners are continually monitored by our supply chain teams and audited as often as deemed necessary. As a result, we operate an extensive network of strategically located warehouses, which are 5 in total in our operating region of the Nordics.

Product availability and inventory management

Safic-Alcan manages enough inventory of products to meet customers need for on time delivery, even with short notice demand, as part of our key role of reliable distributor.

Sampling and repacking

Safic-Alcan Nordic can make taylor made solutions for our customers, all in order to fit and exceed the customers’ expectations. This includes as well fast sampling processes as well as repacking operations and private labeling on packaging, such as Barcodes.

All is according to the customers’ wishes and demands.

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