Code of Conduct

Safic-Alcan considers ethics and moral principles as the value that underpins our development and guarantees our performance in the long-run. We make our utmost to work with our principals and customers in a trustful and stable partnership and to discuss problems and challenges in an open way. We believe that all parties involved are stronger and more efficient when they work transparently and close together.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The “Code of Conduct” is an extension of the company’s values and is the foundation for the company’s culture. All employees are required to understand and comply with Safic-Alcan’s Code of Conduct and all applicable laws, regulations, and company policies.

It encompasses the fundamental requirements for Safic Alcan’s overall business activities in fields such as:

  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Human rights and working conditions
  • Relationships with business partners and public institutions
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Competition and antitrust law
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest
  • Data privacy and information security

It is also particularly important for us that our employees all over the world have an easy access to the Code of Conduct. For this reason, it can be found on our website and on the Intranet in both English and French.

Doing Business with Safic-Alcan

Safic-Alcan strives to conduct business only with third parties who share our commitments to compliance with legal requirements and to high ethical standards. Safic-Alcan expects the third parties who produce products for or provide services to Safic-Alcan to conduct business responsibly, with integrity, honesty and transparency.

Safic-Alcan developed a Suppliers’ Charter as a Third-Party Code of Conduct to ensure that Suppliers and Principals are aware of Safic-Alcan’s expectations when working with our employees. It focuses on respect of human rights standards, commitment to sustainable development and is aligned with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact. Our Principals and Suppliers are asked to support our commitment and to sign the charter.

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